Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GPFAA Counselors working with all their middle school students on Career Matchmaker, a Career Interest Inventory activity in Career Cruising!

From Cradle to Career

Garcia Students Apply for Scholarships 

School Counselor Mrs. Swanigan put together a scholarship workshop for the 3rd and 4th grade students. She talked about the importance of scholarships and how students can apply for scholarships as early as 3rd grade and not wait until high school. 

Before the students left, they all practiced by completing a creative drawing scholarship application, which they will submit. Great Job Garcia Toros!

GPISD Counselors Present The Career Cruising Program to the School Board!

GPHS Counselor Intern Earns Master's Degree!

YMLA Counselor Receives a Distinguished Alumni Award!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Daniels Looking Toward College

In cohesion with College Week, the fourth grade students at David Daniels Elementary are looking forward to their future. The fourth graders composed interest letters and request colleges to send information pertaining to their future endeavors. This was exciting for all and enlightening for those students who may be first generation college attendees in their family. 

Way to go David Daniels for preparing students for the future!


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

De Zavala Thanks TCU

Mrs. James’ 1st grade class received a lot of cool things from TCU just by writing to them during GenTX Week. They are preparing their thank you letters to send to TCU.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Food Drive at Hobbs Williams!

Hobbs Williams had another successful year collecting food donations for the GP Santa Spot/Santa Cop program.  This year KC Club boxed up nearly 2500 items.  Some of the students were able to help load the truck as well! 


Career Day at Daniels Elementary

Engineer Visits Daniels 4th and 5th Graders

Sunday, November 30, 2014

YMLA fed 34 families from our campus for Thanksgiving.  Every family got a turkey, a bag of potatoes, dinner rolls, green beans, corn, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup, corn bread, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and a dessert. Some of them even got extras like Thanksgiving bowls, plates, and napkins, eggs, cereal, etc.  Last year we fed 23 families, and our goal this year was 30.... So we exceeded our goal.  Yay!!

Gen TX & Community Service

High school graduating classes at De Zavala.

De Zavala staff members who were first–generation college students.

College Pride at Eisenhower

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Anguiano's class wear Caps and Gowns for Gen TX Week at Eisenhower (left).

Fourth grade teacher, Beth Fleener, along with student, Erin Lopez, sport Texas Tech University college shirts. Mrs. Fleener will be completing her PhD in math from Texas Tech, and Erin wants to attend Texas Tech when she goes off to college (right).

Career Prep at Hobbs Williams

​Career Educators came out to Hobbs Williams  and spoke to the students about college and what they want to be. The next day, they came and took pictures with students dressed in their dream job.

Lee Shows Their College Pride

The students of Lee Elementary wrapped up GenTX week by showing off their favorite college gear.  Even our school’s Animal Assisted Therapy dog, CharlieAnn, showed her support for her favorite school- Oklahoma State University!  Way to go, Bears!  We are college bound!

Ms. Chavez's 2nd grade bilingual class at Lee dressed up in caps and gowns to practice graduating from UTA with their degrees, prepared for future careers.
Their photos in caps and gowns along with mock diplomas were on display in our hallway to show that at Lee, we truly are focused on our future: from cradle to career.

Crosswinds Adopt-a-Street

Crosswinds students serve the community by keeping their neighborhood clean.

Hobbs Williams Food Drive

Hobbs Williams had another successful year collecting food donations for the GP Santa Spot/Santa Cop program. This year KC Club boxed up nearly 2500 items. Some of the students were able to help load the truck as well!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

GEN TX Week at Awesome Austin Elementary!!!

Garner FAA University

Adams Middle School Counselors celebrate GEN TEX Week by wearing graduation caps to all of their Career Cruising Guidance Lessons.

Gen Tex Week Photos-South Grand Prairie-9


South Grand Prairie Ninth Grade Center School Counselors prepare for a day of Career Cruising




SGP-9 Lockers everywhere boasted of college banners



South Grand Prairie-9 Teachers celebrating GEN TEX week with College D├ęcor for the door!


Gen TX Week

Did you know… 

Using the Career Cruising Program with your child assists them with exploring careers, planning for college, and learning more about scholarships?

View Career Cruising Parent Brochures for more details: Elementary or  Secondary

College Application Blitz
The College Application Blitz is a district effort to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential. The primary purpose of this effort is to help high school seniors navigate the complex college admissions process and ensure they apply to at least one postsecondary institution. 

This event will occur during the school day, with a focus on students who might not otherwise apply to college. High school campuses will provide open computer labs for students to complete at least one college application.

Dickinson's Super Staff “We have the power and knowledge to go to college!”

Daniels Professionals

Author Rachel Caine Visits GPFAA

A huge thanks to our Texas Scholars Day speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Caine. She spoke to 8th graders about her career as a professional musician and her decision to leave that behind to become a writer.

Gen TX Week

Texas Scholars Day

This initiative focuses students on education and career planning during middle and high school years. Today, local business professionals, educators, and community leaders will spend the morning with our middle school students to visually display the benefits of pursuing a post secondary education along with the art of creating a successful future after high school. 

Want to Know More?

Hats Off to Higher Education

School Counselor Mrs. Swanigan and Mrs. Gonzales 1st grade class are excited about Generation Texas week and they all participated in Hats Off to Higher Education Day. Students at Garcia were able to wear their favorite hats and investigate careers.

GenTX Week is the Bomb

Reagan Middle School Students learn all about Explosive Detection from Dallas Area Rapid Transit Canine Explosive Detection Unit.

Canine Handlers Officer S. Wright and Corporal M. De Los Santos along with K9 partners Devil and Argo talked to the students about the steps of being a Police Officer and the social skills needed to work in this field.

Hobbs Williams Enjoys GenTX Week 

The 1st graders Loved exploring ccSpark!

Anderson University Professors Visit GPFAA

Professors of Dance, George and Salina from Anderson University, taught a master class to our high school students and discussed college and career options for those dedicated to dance.

School Counselor works with 8th graders on Career Cruising at Jackson Middle school