Tuesday, April 21, 2015

STAAR Motivation!!!

NFL Player Visits Daniels

Former NFL player Devin Wyman spoke to 5th grade Daniels students encouraging them to do well on their STAAR test.

STAAR Motivation at Daniels

Watch Daniels' STAAR Motivation basketball/volleyball games featuring our fearless leader Mr. Morrow and his All-STAAR staff.  The students had a blast and enjoyed seeing their teachers sweat it out on the court. Video 1. Video 2.


And, students were energized as the Mavs Mascots provided 5 Tid-Bits for successful testing. They also gave away Maverick memorabilia for correct answers.

GPFAA Support

High schoolers at GPFAA wrote words of confidence to their middle school buddies. Testers can take one of the notes of encouragement with them. We love that our kids support one another.


Daniels, May the Scores Be With You

The week was filled with a variety of activities to motivate our students as they reviewed for the upcoming STAAR.  Thanks to all the students and staff members who participated.