Thursday, December 17, 2015

Counselor News

David Daniels KC Club delivers Random Acts of Kindness to overjoyed teachers and staff.

Austin College and Career Fair
  • Presenters were escorted to a continental breakfast by the 3rd grade Leadership Through Kindness club (LTK)
  • They were then taken to the first of seven class sessions for their presentations
  • Presenters included:
    • Dana Jackson–Director of Counseling Services for Grand Prairie ISD
    • Sgt.  Caleb Walker-United States Air Force recruiter/ Former military police (DFW Area)
    • Maribel Garza-Haute Innovations Salon owner & operator (Arlington, Texas)
    • Mr. Lemarcus Campbell-Master Technician for National Tire and Battery (Waxahachie Texas) & small business owner for Campbell Automotive Mobile Repair (DFW Area)

GP Countdown to College
GPHS Counselors, Stephanie Satcher and Phillip Burks, provided a guidance lesson on the Countdown to College, emphasizing the importance of knowing the required components of a successful college application. Students were provided the opportunity to consider:
  • What a high school resume should look like
  • How their GPA is calculated
  • An introduction to the various types of financial aid
  • An introduction to the college application and financial aid vocabulary, ie-EFC, SAR
  • What admission committees look for in a qualified applicant
  • How to be purposeful and specific with volunteer hours
    • Establishing relationships
    • Career-focused volunteering
    • Community-involved volunteering
  • The cost of attendance
    • Room & Board
    • Books & Supplies
    • Tuition
    • Fees
    • Transportation
    • Out of State Fees