Friday, December 2, 2016

GPISD Counselors in Action!

Ochoa's 4-5th grade students had a blast presenting their career research projects to their peers.

David Daniels counseling department takes students on a college tour for GenTex Week.

Dickinson RRW

Dickinson RRW Art Contest winners Hanna Huynh and Guy Patterson, along with their classmates, celebrate during lunch with Grand Prairie Mayor Ron Jensen, teacher Christy Mock, and IMPACT Grand Prairie’s Gina Alley.

SGP Counselors at Prairie Lights

The SGP counseling crew began the Thanksgiving break by participating in the Prairie Lights Sneak-a-Peek on Sunday, November 20. A festive time was had by all.

Adams Partners With Buffalo Wild Wings
Adams MS counselors partner with Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings donated food for Adams staff to promote the mentoring program at Adams.

Adams Counselors

Let's give a big round of applause to the Adams counseling team (Mrs. Burton-Johnson and Mrs. Soliz) for integrating technology (Quizizz) into their counselor lesson about sexual harassment yesterday.

Jackson Compassion In Action
Jackson’s Rachel’s Challenge Club, Compassion In Action (CIA), organized a food drive contest for their peers. They received hundreds of donations that will benefit several local families during this holiday season. Kindness counts at Jackson.

Adams Turkey Giveaway
Counselors Johnson and Soliz coordinated a turkey giveaway at Adams. Dominic Rhodes and Rhodes to Success, and United Realty gave 33 turkeys to needy families for Thanksgiving.

SGPHS Promotes GPISD Choices
SGPHS CTE counselor Citlali Molina, AP Rachel Simmons, and freshman counselors Amber Moffitt and Stacy Parker-Brown presented CTE opportunities and pathway choices available to incoming high school students in GPISD this week to eighth graders. Special shout-out to the Jackson 8th grade English department and students for being an outstanding audience.

GPFAA Kindness
The GPFAA Friends of Rachel Club decorated the patient doors at Heritage of Turner Park Nursing Home on Tuesday as a random act of kindness. The counselors and students hope to inspire others as the holiday break approaches.

Austin Cruises Careers
Austin Elementary students explore ccSpark!/Career Cruising. Students were excited to learn about college and career readiness.