Wednesday, November 15, 2017

GPISD Counselors grow Future-Ready Students

Daniels counselor Tai Mays and the 5th grade students and teachers visited Texas Wesleyan University during GenTX Week.

Dubiski counselors taking on GenTX Week with College Shirt Day.

GPCI scholars spend their lunch working on Career Cruising activities for GenTX Week.

Officer Lou Whittington speaks to students for Career Day at Johnson.

Moseley's counselor Beverly Green is very thankful for the generous food donations made by our Moseley family.

Moore Veterans

Sallye Moore College and Career Prep Academy honored our wonderful veterans with a breakfast and a story. Our students also presented guests with thank you letters and drawings to show appreciation for their service. Thank you to the staff and students for all their help. With help from our social worker Valerie Martin and counselor Shannon Neal, thank you cards and letters will also be given to the local VA Center to show our appreciation to those in our community.

School for the Highly Gifted Mayor & RRW Winner

SHG Red Ribbon Week Grand Prize Winner & Class had a wonderful Luncheon with the Mayor of Grand Prairie. Thanks to Mr. Johnson, IMPACT Grand Prairie, and Mayor Jensen.

Marshall Future Careers
All of Marshall's 5th grade students presented their future careers to students in grades K - 4 during GenTX Week in a joint effort between Mrs. Jiménez, the school counselor, 5th grade teachers, and specials teachers.

School for the Highly Gifted GenTX Week

SHG students and staff celebrated GenTX College & Career Week by participating in I want to be a _______ when I grow up. Students dressed up as their desired future careers.

Rayburn Veterans Day Breakfast

Rayburn hosted a wonderful Veterans Day Breakfast to show support for our troops. Students from the Kindness Club performed a poem, and the Rayburn GQ Club created a sign for the veterans. All of this was during level up our dreams for the future pajama day for GenTX Week.

The counselors at GPFAA planned a full week of activities to celebrate GenTX Week. The students were treated to a mini college fair, Career Cruising guidance lessons and a speaker for Texas Scholars Day.

GPCI STEM Career Night
GPCI hosted their first STEM Career Night. They had many industry and professional experts who attended to share their expertise. Scholars were also able to ask them questions and hear first hand about their experience in the STEM workforce.