Monday, December 3, 2018

Our Future Leaders

Thursday was Dress for Your Future Career Day at Dickinson Elementary School. We had singers, doctors, nurses, police officers, military, lawyers, judges, teachers, business owners, bakers, chefs, and many more. Aiden wants to be a chef in a big restaurant when he grows up.

 Garcia Elementary is rockin' GenTX Week! The counselor teamed up with teachers and staff to provide a "college-going" atmosphere and build career awareness. Students and staff wore purple to represent and learn about TCU. Students and staff also "dressed for success" by dressing up as what they want to be when they grow up. Students researched celebrities who went to college and displayed their findings for the College and Career Gallery Walk. Teachers placed college pennants and banners outside their doors and displayed names of careers throughout our school. Our students are college-bound!

Marshall students had so much fun learning about careers, character traits of successful people, and making decisions with the Fielder Kids Fun and Magic Show presented by magician Rafael Rondon and organized by counselor Nancy Jimenez.

Crockett EES celebrating GenTX Week. Class of 2032 "We can, we will, watch us, change the world!" 

 Garner Fine Arts Academy students participated in the GenTX Week daily theme by dressing up as the career they wish to have one day.

 Moseley fourth graders hard at work on career cruising exploring learning styles and study habits, occupation environments and tools, organization, bullying, cyber safety, and coping skills.

Counselors promote GenTX Week at Travis World Language Academy as students focus on their future college and careers with the help of their teachers' support.

Counselor Hernandez and all Bonham students gathered in the cafeteria to celebrate GenTX Week. Teachers wore caps and gowns, students and their families created career posters, and the students even dressed up to show off their future career. College get ready, here come the BEES!

It’s a DJ, it’s a nurse, it’s “What I want to be when I grow up!"  Shannon Regalzi, Austin’s counselor organized a 5th grade Peer to Peer Career presentation to end GenTX Week. Students researched and presented their career of choice. Look around, careers are everywhere.

Whitt Fine Arts Academy students capped off GenTX Week by having their Student Career Fair which was presented by 4th and 5th grade students.  These students researched their careers using the career cruising program and presented to all K-3rd grade students.  Counselor Collins would like to thank the parents, 4th/5th grade teachers, and media arts teacher for their assistance in helping to prepare these students.

YWLA counselors hosted Texas Scholars Day. Our 8th graders had the opportunity to hear from professionals in different career fields. This is the students' first step in planning for a successful future. A special thanks to all of the speakers who volunteered their time and expertise.

Jacquelyn Solis, the counselor at Garcia Elementary, held a hygiene drive benefiting our Grand Prairie ISD students who are homeless. They collected 431 items of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and deodorant. Awesome job, Toros!

 The Student Council and Kindness Crew at Powell led a Socktober Drive during the month of October. Staff and students were happy to bless families in need. Donations were given to Sonnia Ortega, GPISD’s Connections Coordinator. Powell’s counselor is so proud of the generosity and kindness shown by the families at Powell.  

 Ohio State, Florida State, TCU, UTA- oh my! Students in grades 6-8 atTWLA learn more about college options during the student-led college fair in support of GenTX Week 2018.

Rayburn’s Kindness Crew helped coordinate our SOCKTOBER community service project.  Mrs. Peek’s kindergarten class won a popcorn party by donating 220 pairs of socks! The school total was 872 pairs. All donations will go to the GPISD Social Worker HUB to benefit our students in need. 

A member of the Kindness Crew presented Truman's November Teacher of the Month, Coach Arrington, with a congratulatory gift. 

Truman Kindness Crew and School Social Worker Ms. Barrett hosted new students for lunch. 

Counselor Mrs. Lopez and Behavior Specialist Ms. Swaim hosted a Kindness Session with the focus on Social Emotional Learning at Travis World Language Academy.