Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SGP9 Got Talent Winner... Counselor Stacy Parker-Brown

The SGP9 Student Council, led by biology teacher Brittany Randolph, put together an awesome End-of-Year Extravaganza. SGP9 students were treated to an entertaining show featuring their own teachers' and administrators' hidden talents. The event’s big trophy went to SGP9 Counselor Stacy Parker-Brown, breaking out a spunky cheer and a hip hop dance for the win. SGP ECHS math teacher Theresa Ellington wowed the crowd with her drill team and ballet performances followed by Nicholas Purgation, SGP9 math teacher, serenading and tickling the ivories. Our principal Donnie Bartlett and dean Larry Jones created their own version of “…Bel-Air” with beat boxing and a rap filled with humor. Other performances included our Teacher of the Year Julian Olds, English teacher Sonya Barton and her dog, our Spanish Club with a Latin dance, and the SGP Southside Steppers showing off all of their hard work.