Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Counseling Program Spotlights

Daniels Anti-Bullying

To kick off Bully Prevention Month, the Daughters Love Foundation sponsored the counseling department at David Daniels, and students were able to benefit from the Anti-Bully Painting Pit Bull Assembly.

Responsibility Challenge Winners at YWLA
These ladies won the school-wide responsibility challenge at YWLA and won a pizza lunch with the counselors. Great job ladies (Phyllis Perez, Jasmine Lackey, Alexis Galindo, Elisa Huerta, Isabella Fierro and Jessica Balthazar.)

Seguin Bullying Prevention Kick-Off
Rangers Captain visits Seguin to encourage students to "Speak Up and Speak Out" against bullying.

Team Impact at Moore
Team Impact shared their feats of strength and a message of hard work and self confidence.

SGP Blue Shirt Day
Monday, the SGP counseling office kicked off National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month by participating in the Stomp Out Bullying Campaign signifying the importance of anti-bullying and cyberbullying prevention. The first day of each October is Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention, and we are committed to promoting kindness throughout our Warrior campus and community.  We have challenged our staff and students to promote Random Acts of Kindness throughout not just the month of October but every month. Have you performed a Random Act of Kindness today?