Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Red Ribbon Week

The little Spurs support Red Ribbon Week - Team up against drugs @ Seguin.

Austin Elementary students and staff give drugs the slip and wear slippers.

Reagan Knights wore red and took the pledge to be drug free. #YOLOBEDRUGFREE

GPHS students accept Rachel’s Challenge with handprint pledges.

Girls making their Mums proud by saying no to drugs @ Dubiski.


Hobbs Williams Teamed Up Against Drugs for Red Ribbon Week
Photographers Petra Herrera and Amy Thompson showed just how big Williams Wolves can bring It. Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell is providing guidance lessons all week to help students make wise choices and stay away from harmful substances. Students are given trivia questions and can win a gift certificate for being ready to learn. 

Officer Presents at Garcia
Officer Juan Almazan from the Grand Prairie Police conducted a workshop for parents at Garcia Elementary on drug awareness for Red Ribbon Week.

Bush Red Ribbon Week

The Global Leadership Academy at Bush Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week yesterday by wearing red and pledging to be drug free.

SGP and Whitt
Aniah Harris, freshman from SGP ECHS, does the "old timer" theme and Lorenzo Lopez, 3rd grade at Whitt, does the "tacky day" theme in honor of Red Ribbon week. (We had this story yesterday, but the picture didn't go through.)

Moseley Red Ribbon Week
CARE teachers at Moseley Elementary participate in Red Ribbon Week by wearing their PJs. Don't get caught sleeping - Say no to drugs.

SGP Red Ribbon

SGP students, staff, and counselors dressed up as old people for the theme, YOLO: Stay away from drugs so you live a long life.