Monday, February 6, 2017

National School Counseling Week

Celebrating National School Counseling Week at Ellen Ochoa STEM

National School Counseling Week Fact
School counselors follow the Texas Education Agency guidelines to provide services under the four components of a comprehensive counseling program. These include Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support (TEC 33.005).
Our school counselors work hard to address all the needs of our students in GPISD from Cradle to Career. Please check out our Counseling Services Blog.

GPFAA Counselors
The GPFAA counselors support student achievement in GPISD by meeting with the families of our newest Phantoms to guide them through the seven-year academic plan, HB5 endorsement and Pre-AP requirements.

National School Counseling Week:

Williams Career Day

Counselors support students' dreams through career exploration, research, and planning.
Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell at wonderful Williams Elementary hosted Career Day. Guests provided students with information on obtaining a career, what educational skills they needed, and how starting early would benefit them in their future. Guests included marketing, accounting, cosmetology, a financial analyst, a park ranger, law enforcement, and even a millionaire who went to Grand Prairie Schools. 

National School Counseling Week:

Florence Hill Career Day

Florence Hill Elementary had a great career day. It was educational, informative, and fun. The students and staff enjoyed all of our speakers.

National School Counseling Week:

Daniels Career Interest

Counselors support achievement in GPISD by hosting a Career Interest Clinic. On the 100th day of school, students at David Daniels Elementary worked with Mrs. Mays to discover what their interests are and to what career pathways those are related.

National School Counseling Week:

Moore 100th Day
Moore Elementary counselor Tamara Collins is excited about kicking off National School Counselors Week and celebrating the 100th day of school. She looks forward to greeting students every morning. In this photo, she and students are dressed like 100-year-olds.

National School Counseling Week:

Reagan Visits De Zavala

De Zavala counselors Ms. McGriff and Mrs. Glover brought in a special guest for all fifth graders. Students got a visit from Reagan Middle School counselor Ms. Wright. They received important information about becoming a Reagan Knight. Students had lots of questions about their middle school transition.