Friday, February 10, 2017

National School Counseling Week

Reagan's counselors help promote healthy relationships with guidance on empathy.  #peaceandlove

The GPFAA counselors spent the afternoon in the cafeteria offering stress management and study skills tips to their students.


SGP students participated in the Join One Love #BecauseILoveYou campaign to promote awareness of Teen Dating Violence.

National School Counseling Week Fact
GPISD counselors love serving the students, staff, parents, and the community. Thank you for celebrating National School Counseling Week with us. Please check out our video.

Truman Counseling

The Truman teachers stopped by the counseling office today to have cake and cookies with the counselor. All the teachers and staff received a resource sheet with ideas on how to build relationships with their students.

Ms. Carey at Moseley
In honor of National School Counseling Week, we want to share a picture of our favorite counselor, Ms. Carey, in action. Ms. Carey can be found leading programs such as Career Cruising, organizing and leading awards ceremonies, promoting college readiness, organizing and leading Career Day, and sponsoring the Kindness Club. All of this is in addition to meeting the daily emotional and physical needs of our students. We are blessed to have her on the Moseley staff.

Daniels KC Club
Counselors support student achievement in GPISD. David Daniels' school counselor meets with KC Club to create kindness posters with affirmations to post throughout the school.

Marshall Counselor
The school counselor from Marshall, Mrs. Jiménez, supports student achievement in GPISD by making individual plans with students so they can be successful academically, establishing relationships with the students to promote social, emotional, and physical needs, and exposing students to an array of activities to facilitate career development in the early academic years.

Supporting the Love of Reading at Dickinson Elementary
Reading with the counselor to support academic success.

DAEP Counseling

Mrs. Rosenthal, counselor, had DAEP and YES students fill out "I have the potential to __________" slips and posted them on our wall banner. Helping students realize their potential allows them to achieve more both academically and socially and emotionally.


Seguin Rockets
Seguin 4th grade and Robotics Team students learned more about the field of engineering during Lockheed Martin's visit in celebration of our National School Counseling Week. We tested the effects of propulsion while launching homemade rockets using pressurized air and water. What a blast.

Proud Grandma Calling It In
For National Counseling Week, Aniah Harris (freshman) honored Dr. Felicia Layne (counselor at SGP-ECHS) with some flowers and a Thank You card for "shaping the students future" and letting Dr. Layne know she is "much appreciated." - Maria Salmeron, Dubiski

De Zavala Counselors
Counselors at De Zavala support student achievement in GPISD by encouraging students to learn more about college and careers. Students get the opportunity to hear announcements about different colleges that our staff members attended and learn about careers offered at the colleges and universities.

Fannin Counselor Connection
Fannin MS counselors support student achievement in GPISD by making connections with the community to provide suicide prevention lessons for students. Pictured are North Texas Suicide Crisis Center counselor Ramona Whitfield with Fannin MS counselor Jennifer Torres.

Fannin Anti-Bullying

Students at Fannin MS competed to design the anti-bullying logo used for our campus-wide campaign. The winning logo was printed on t-shirts provided to the staff and students as we unite against bullying. Mrs. Carlisle, principal, presents the contest winner Daisy Salazar with the first shirt donning her design.