Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Counselors in Action

SGP Seniors Getting Ready

South counselors had their first day of senior chats on Tuesday. Counselors were working with students to ensure that they are on the correct path to graduation. We also have students completing a post-secondary-plans survey using district devices.

GPISD Drug Prevention and Intervention Workshop
GPISD Drug Prevention and Intervention Program, IMPACT Grand Prairie, GPISD LEAP, and The Tony Shotwell Life Center collaborated to bring GPISD parents and the community a drug prevention and intervention workshop for parents. Special thanks to Officer Juan Almazan of UNIDOS Grand Prairie for his presentation and to GPISD School Board member Ms. Gloria Carrillo for her attendance and support. Please Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for the parent workshop at the Dalworth Recreation Center in the spring.

Travis Is a Bullying-Free Zone
Counselors and administrators from TWLA hosted an educational guidance lesson on bullying. Students worked on hands-on activities, such as signing a promise not to bully and creating kindness chains that will be displayed proudly in the hallways. Students learned how to stand up against bullies and the many ways to report bullying, which includes online via our GPISD website.