Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Helping Hands

Seguin parents, students and staff collected supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims partnered with Orphans of the World.

GPCI scholars kick off National Suicide Prevention Week by pledging to be a helping hand.

Counselor Megan Hay celebrated Grandparents Day at lunch with a photo booth at Florence Hill on Friday.

Eisenhower Backpacks
The Eisenhower counselors, administrators, teachers, and staff would like to thank the members of CrossPoint Church of Christ for their donations of backpacks and school supplies to help our students. 

Bowie Grandparents Day
In honor of Grandparents Day, Bowie staff invited Grandparents to have lunch with their grandkids. A parent volunteer decorated for the event, and our awesome counselor gave a warm welcome to our grand visitors.

Williams College a Day
Wonderful Williams showed pride in their education by wearing college shirts. Staff helped increase student awareness of higher education and a future of success by wearing college and university attire. The counselor Tonya Womack Campbell will continue with "A College a Day" announcements, highlighting each staff member's college experience. This, coupled with the District's "Cradle to Careers" initiative by the counseling department, will help students learn about possible areas of expertise and college attendance.