Monday, March 19, 2018

We love being Counselors!

Counselors at TWLA host a Test Anxiety Workshop in order to empower parents to better understand and assist their children.

Williams Parent Meeting

Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell and community liaison Rosanelda Foo hosted a parent workshop. Parents were equipped with tools to manage stress, healthy eating, and positive thinking. Second-grade students showed parents how to implement positive self-talk.  Parents finished the workshop in art therapy with original artwork.

Bullying Workshop at Travis

Counselors at TWLA hosted a Bullying Workshop during Open House with an enormously positive response from parents.

Ochoa Career Day
Ochoa's Professional Career Day was a success. Big thanks to all of the guest speakers, school counselor Ms. Jones for coordinating Career Day, community liaison Ms. Vasquez, GT specialist Ms. Turner, IMS aide Ms. Green, and all other staff members who helped out with Career Day.