Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Eisenhower GenTX Week
Our scholars continue celebrating and loving what we do by dressing up in their future careers, making college applications and using Career Cruising websites to research about career and colleges with their parents.


Bright Future at Williams

Wonderful Williams students are ready for a bright future. Our fourth and fifth graders completed research projects exploring their college and career choices. Students used the district Career Cruising database to gather information to present to students in K-3rd grade. We had doctors, vets, professional athletes, scientists, engineers, teachers, and more coming from many universities all over the world.

Williams GenTX Week

Hobbs Williams did it up Wolf Pack style for GenTX Week. Students, staff, and parents showed Paw Pride in preparing for the future of our students. Students and staff dressed in their dream careers, dressed for success, represented their school, and prepared for their graduation. Go, Wolves!