Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GPISD Counselors: Doing Great Things!

Austin Elementary wears red, white and blue to show unity in belief of higher education.

Reagan Knights lasso their future during GenTx Week. 

Austin Elementary students and staff wear college attire to promote higher education during GenTX Week.

Marshall GenTX Week
Marshall’s teachers, students, and counselor wore their cap and gowns, and brought graduation pictures of loved ones to envision their future graduation and to celebrate GenTX Week.

Highly Gifted GenTX Week
Students from SHG celebrate GenTX / College and Career Week by wearing their graduation cap and gown to promote high expectations and reaching their future goals.

Kindness at Williams

The Wolf Pack at Wonderful Williams exemplified compassion with their Covering with Kindness event. Students, staff, and parents donated warm blankets to those less fortunate just in time for the cooler temperatures. Members of Mrs. Defilippo's kindergarten class donated the most items and received a popcorn/juice party from their counselor. Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell and Hobbs Williams' Boy Scouts sponsored the event. 

Adams GenTX Week
Adams Middle School counselors organized theme days to celebrate GenTX Week - hats off to education.

GPHS AVID Prepares
GPHS counselors presented to AVID 9 on Wednesday. The presentations included a PowerPoint presentation and discussions about HB5 graduation requirements.

Williams GenTX Week
Wonderful Williams has kicked off GenTX Week with a big Wolf Pack howl. Students dressed in their dream jobs, made college and career portfolios, created dream job stories, and went cruising for careers on the innovative career cruising database. Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell coordinated GenTX Week activities and led students in college and career guidance lessons. Stay tuned for more from the Wolf Pack.

SGP Coffee With the Counselors

The SGP counselors, CTE counselor, and College and Career Center staff hosted Coffee with the Counselors during GenTX Week.

Dubiski GenTX Week
Dubiski celebrates GenTX Week by introducing blended learning to AVID students. Students participated in a Texas Reality Check activity and lessons on Career Cruising.