Wednesday, October 25, 2017

GPISD Drug & Bully - FREE!!!

GPFAA Red Ribbon Week will be a week of choices- Monday: Tie Dye OR Camo?


GPISD Kicks off Red Ribbon Week

GPCI scholars dressed up as superheroes for Red Ribbon Week.

YMLA Red Ribbon Week Assembly 

Counselor Megan Hay does a stop bullying guidance lesson along with wearing red for Red Ribbon Week at Florence Hill

Crockett EES Volunteers help kick off Red Ribbon Week.

Fannin Formal Monday
Fannin staff are super excited about Formal Monday. Fannin Wolves STAND UP and dress up to show that we are drug free and our future is key.

Reagan Blooms with Kindness 
Part of Reagan Middle School's month-long Anti-Bully campaign, the counselors asked students to write an act of kindness done to them from another student on a heart to make our Kindness Tree bloom.

YWLA Compliment Circle 
Mrs. Lynd's 6th grade reading class ventured outside to form a Compliment Circle. Students practiced giving and receiving compliments in an effort to prevent bullying and build a positive classroom community.

Williams Mismatch Day
In honor of Red Ribbon Week, Wonderful Williams says "Don't Get Mixed Up in Drugs"  Students and staff wore mixed match clothing to remind others to stay clear of drugs.  

Bush celebrates Red Ribbon Week

In recognition of National Red Ribbon Week, our faculty and staff at the Global Leadership Academy at Barbara Bush wear red to show we are ready to take a stand against drugs. "Respect Yourself-Be Drug Free"

De Zavala Pink Out
The counselors, students, and staff at De Zavala chose to Pink Out for Kindness on Friday in support of Bullying Prevention Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Staff members who participated were awarded attendance points for "attending" to the day. 

Dickinson Anti-Bullying
Dickinson's Counselor, Latavia Rivers, and KC Club members create anti-bullying ways to show kindness posters to promote compassion and respect.