Monday, January 1, 2018

Holiday Cheer!

Adams counselors and Friends of Rachel host a warm drive to assist families in need.

South Grand Prairie Softball helps out a good cause, Santa Cop.

GPCI Santa Cop Helpers

Counselors at TWLA hosted an amazing and relaxing event for both mentors and mentees.

Counselors Volunteer at Santa Cop

On Wednesday GPISD's counselors volunteered with GPPD's Santa Cop to help distribute Christmas gifts and bikes for our GPISD families who are in need of help this holiday season. A great time was had by all who were able to participate. Families were extremely thankful for the help, and it was an added treat for them to see their school's counselor working the event. Please see the link for the photos from the event from last night.

School for the Highly Gifted T.A.L.K. Club

SHG counselor and the Try A Little Kindness Club surprised our cafeteria workers with thank you cards for all of the hard work that they do everyday. Club members also received a special gift for all of their hard work spreading acts of kindness.

De Zavala Toy Drive
For the month of December, De Zavala's KC Club and counselors Nedin Glover and Evetta McGriff sponsored our 2nd annual toy drive and also decorated holiday cards to send to the elderly. We believe in kindness and compassion toward others.

Eisenhower Christmas at Brookdale

Eisenhower KC club and choir hosted the residents of Brookdale in Grand Prairie. We had a festive Christmas party. A great time was had by all. A special thanks to the Eisenhower KC Club, Eisenhower Choir, and Eisenhower teachers and staff for being so hospitable to our guests. The Brookdale residents had so much fun that they want to get together again.