Monday, October 12, 2015

Counselors Doing Great Things

HOPE/Crosswinds putting a stop to bullying


Crosswinds/HOPE - Be a Team, Stop Bullying


Pie When You Apply

College and Career counselor Mrs. Swanigan had a great turn out for the "Pie When You Apply" workshop. Seniors were able to complete multiple college applications, and they were rewarded with pizza and juice afterwards. Thanks, Mrs. Jones, for the juice and Roma's for donating some of the pizzas. Go Gophers!



Goodies with Gilliam at Austin

On Friday Austin hosted its first "Goodies with Gilliam " where parents were served breakfast and learned:

* What's happening at Austin and in your community (by principal Tanya Gilliam and assistant principal Sandra Mejia/translator )

* Six ways to travel to academic success and dream/goal setting for students and parents (by counselor Tonya Campbell) 

* Accessing student records and teacher/parent communication and Skyward tips (by community liaison Arletheia Clemmons)