Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Red Ribbon Week in GPISD

Grand Prairie ISD Drug Prevention and Internvention Team in Phase 2 of 3-Year Prevention Project

Phase 1, 2014-15: 2,179 6th graders trained on “Avoiding The Trap” workshop on making good choices.

Phase 2, 2015-16: 2,258 7th graders trained on “What’s Up With Marijuana and Prescription Drugs”.

Phase 3, 2016-17: Every 8th grade student to be trained on alcohol and illicit drugs.

The City of Grand Prairie teams up with GPISD for a year-long Drug Prevention Initiative. Teamwork makes the dream work!   


Crosswinds/HOPE ready to kick off Red Ribbon Week


Pink Out Day at TWLA


SGPHS is geared up for Red Ribbon Week. These are the doors of the counseling office.

Red Ribbon Fact

Do you know which type of drug has caused the majority (60%) of overdoses? It’s not heroine, meth, or cocaine…it’s actually prescription drugs. Because they are prescribed by a doctor, prescription drugs don’t carry the negative stigma that illegal street drugs often do, but they are just as powerful. When students abuse these drugs to get high, they put themselves at risk for addiction and other adverse health effects.