Friday, October 30, 2015

Red Ribbon Week @ GPISD

Red Ribbon Fact
The older a student grows, the less likely, “Just say no” will be effective on its own. We’ve got to get to know our students so we can help them find their own reason for saying no. The reality we want all students to understand is that by saying no to drugs, they’re actually saying yes – yes to themselves, yes to what they want to accomplish, and yes to who they want to become.    

Red Ribbon Week
Superheroes at Crosswinds

Truman staff stomped out drugs in their western wear.

TWLA 4th grade team rockin' Super Hero Day.

Dress like Mr. Hinchcliff at Crosswinds

YWLA- Red Ribbon Week Hat Day...Keeping Drugs Out of Our Heads

At Seguin Elem. - Our Future Is Too Bright for Drugs


TWLA office Staff and Administration representation the book Pearl Harbor.