Friday, October 30, 2015

GPISD Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Real Heroes Have the Power to Say No to Drugs at Moseley.
Moseley counselor Zandra Carey and AP Evita Medina

Be Strong Against Drugs at Adams

Twins Day at Dubiski – Mr. Clifton and Mr. Yoder

Truman students pledge to be drug free. 

Mrs. Garcia's Pre-K class at MLA with Principal Carlisle on Crazy Hair Day to say it would be crazy to do drugs.

SGP Counseling Super Heroes fight drugs during Red Ribbon Week and beyond!

Marshall students and teachers dressed up as construction workers for Red Ribbon Week.

The men and boys at Ochoa STEM Academy will not get “Tied” up in drugs.

Black Out Drugs at Adams

GPECHS Powers Up against drugs.
And GPECHS is taking a standing against bullying.

Ms. Esquivel's students made affirmation bracelets at Bush.

Red Ribbon Fact
What are the greatest risk factors in determining how susceptible your child is to substance abuse? Students who skip school, are unsuccessful in school, have parents who use drugs, lack parental supervision, and have friends who engage in alcohol and drug use are all far more likely to begin abusing drugs themselves. On the flip side, the greatest protective factors against your child abusing drugs are: having a strong family bond, parental supervision and monitoring, being active in school, community, or religious organizations, and hearing the direct expression of their parent’s feelings about the use of drug and alcohol.   

GP Buddies Up Against Drugs
GPHS staff and students, as well as GPHS Early College High School, buddied up with a partner to beat drugs. Red carpet was provided for all of our buddies that led to a table full of prizes for participating. The idea of walking on the Red Carpet enticed our administrators to buddy up as well.  #eachonesaveone

Jackson Red Ribbon Week

Jackson staff and students are "Wacky" without drugs. Check out our flipagram: