Thursday, February 8, 2018

National School Counseling Week

Did you know?  Middle school counselors work with students to prepare them for high school by meeting with each student to develop their Personal Graduation Plan for all four years of high school. The counselors provide information regarding the options for each feeder high school, answer any questions, host Parent Night Workshops, and encourage them to look beyond high school to begin to imagine what their futures could look like.

Watch GPISD's Why I Became a Counselor.


Dickinson counselor Latavia Rivers positively impacts student achievement by rewarding students who are recognized by their peers for demonstrating kind and heroic acts.

Ms. Jones, school counselor at Ochoa, positively impacts student achievement by partnering with feeder schools to ensure a smooth transition to middle school.

Counselors at TWLA host a Danish with Dad event providing resources and information to inspire and motivate for greatness.

Garcia students were encouraged to be a friend not a bully through John Pritikin's message. Thank you, Gateway Church, for making this possible. 

YWLA counselors praise superhero staff members. During National School Counseling Week, the YWLA counselors want to recognize all the staff who they consider superheroes because of all they do for our students.

School counselors at Lee positively impact student achievement by facilitating guidance lessons in helping students put their love glasses on and color their world with love and diversity.

SGPHS students expressed how much they appreciate the counselors of South.

SGP Counselors positively impact student achievement by assisting and supporting students in their post-secondary endeavors.  Congratulations to the SGP student athletes that signed their National Letter of Intent today.

Reagan counselors celebrating National School Counseling Week with a pot of gold.

GP ECHS's Lenora Brown and Kelly Newman positively impact student achievement by encouraging our students to commit to graduate.

The Counselors at Lee provided donuts to the staff to kick off National School Counseling Week. When you "donut" know what to do, see the school counselors.

The Jackson counseling team shows thanks to their staff for "sticking" by their students.

Happy National School Counseling Week to our amazing Crockett Early Education School counselor, Yadira Reyes. You are truly the heart of our school, and we are so grateful for you.

Johnson counselor Mrs. Rosenthal and counseling intern Mrs. Untz help students to aspire and celebrated their successes with Starburst candy and a star on the banner brag board.

Counselors from Young Men's Leadership Academy and Garcia collaborate to speak to 5th grade students about middle school.

Reagan counselors are busy going over PGP's with 8th graders and course selections with the 6th and 7th graders. 2018-2019 will be here before we know it.

Williams Counselor Week
School counselors positively impact student achievement by...providing wellness resources/tips for staff and guidance lessons and strategies for "Self Love" for students.  Counselor Tonya Womack Campbell at Wonderful Williams gave staff daily encouraging words and treats to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Mrs. Campbell dressed in workout gear to encourage everyone to not only workout the muscles on their body but also their brain, and heart.  Students received guidance lessons and visual/physical reminders to use positive self-talk to stay uplifted and love themselves as well as others.  

GPFAA Seniors Earns West Point Appointment 
GPFAA is incredibly proud of senior Joshua Riddick for receiving his congressional nomination from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Thank you to his counselor, Mrs. McGee, for her ongoing guidance and dedication in helping Josh and all of our seniors with their college choices. 

In Celebration of National School Counseling Week

What I love about being a counselor in Grand Prairie ISD...
The social and emotional health of our student and families has always been a passion of mine. My role allows me to work with our school district's youngest learners to remove barriers that can stand in the way of them reaching their full potential. Each day I have the opportunity to do the kind of work that shapes our future and changes lives. I am so grateful for the families, students and staff at Crockett Early Education School that give me this opportunity every day. - Yadira Reyes, Crockett counselor

Whitt shows Love for Their Counselor 
Counselor Tamara Collins has felt so loved by the Whitt Fine Arts Academy staff and students during National School Counseling Week. All week she has been showered by "heart" messages. In appreciation for all of the support the counseling program has received from the Whitt staff this year, she provided a dessert table for the staff.

GPCI Seniors Winning
GPCI school counselor Mrs. Swanigan positively impacts student achievement by assisting them with their post-secondary goals. As of today the first senior class of nine have ALL submitted college applications, completed FAFSA, accepted into a four-year college/university and received a total of $1.5 million in scholarships so far.  

Bowie Junior Optimist International Club
The Bowie Junior Optimist International Club students bring joy to the Metroplex Nursing and Rehabilitation Center by making Valentine cards and goodies!  Thank you to Bowie counselor Miriam Martinez for teaching students the value of spreading kindness and love.